Dr. Andrena Lane Trotter
Founder and President
P.O.Box 540,  Hazel Crest, IL  60429         Email:   trinityministries@ymail.com           Tel/Fax: 708.957.0728
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, as workman that needeth not to
be ashamed a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing
the Word of Truth.                                                                    II Timothy 2:15
Trinity Ministries, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Dr. Andrena Lane Trotter.  It is comprised of three entities:  Trinity Christian Bible Institute, Trinity Christian
Educational Conferences, and Trinity Christian Love Connection.

TRINITY CHRISTIAN BIBLE INSTITUTE (TCBI) – TCBI addresses the needs of the serious bible student who may not want a laborious and expensive seminary
education. If you are merely looking for credentials, Trinity is not the school for you.  We are not an accredited institution and do not offer degree programs.  
However, what we do offer is a structured learning system designed to give the people of God a thorough understanding of the Word.  We are committed to
fortifying the Body of Christ by promoting effective, consistent bible study. It is our endeavor to teach from an unbiased, non-denominational perspective. This
enables our students to develop strong fundamental biblical principles while maintaining the integrity of the Scripture. For the student preparing for ministry,
Trinity is the answer, as he will leave the program equipped and confident for service and the challenges of coming days.  For students who earnestly want to
understand the Word of God.....
those with a deep hunger for something more..... Trinity is a springboard for life-long study that engenders spiritual growth
and maturation.
Annette Skipper
Margarette Mixon
Dora Smith
Litrea Hunter
TRINITY CHRISTIAN EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCES (TCEC) - This component of the ministry offers biblical seminars to address relevant topics that have an impact on the Body of
Christ. We are here to assist  the seasoned veteran,  ministers, Sunday School teachers, bible class leaders, and anyone who has a sincere desire for the Word of God.   Students who
successfully complete classes, workshops, seminars, or conferences offered by TCBI will earn credit units toward our
certificate programs.

TRINITY CHRISTIAN LOVE CONNECTION (TCLC) - Because we live in a fast-paced and demanding society, there is a tendency to neglect the sick, the poor, and the
elderly.  But God never forgets and he has given us a keen sensitivity for those who need a helping hand.  Consequently, the third component of Trinity Ministries was
established as Trinity's arm of outreach.   Over the years, we have been led by the Spirit to distribute to those in need.  We welcome your partnership in this endeavor,
so If you want to help us,  send your donation to Trinity Ministries by mail or via our website.  Please indicate that your contribution is for TCLC and we sincerely thank
you, in advance.  

Our overall objective is to help the believer see the need to become committed and mature through a real understanding and love of the Word and to find full release and expression in the
individual ministries to which they have been assigned.   Our vision is to awake in the individual, and thereby the local church, a strong reliance and dependence on the Word of God and
to assist in the development of an army of Christians whose daily lives are centered on the dictates of the Holy Scripture rather than on opinions, meaningless traditions, or private

We solicit your prayers.
Trinity Ministries.....Winning the World through the Word